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JUST ANNOUNCED: Attack on Titan Anthology coming next fall featuring non-Japanese creators for the first time! Check out the impressive list of contributors:

Tomer and Asaf Hanuka
Brenden Fletcher
Cameron Stewart
Babs Tarr
Faith Erin Hicks
Kate Leth
Jeremy Lambert
Afua Richardson
Michael Oeming
Paolo Rivera
Gail Simone
Scott Snyder
Genevieve Valentine
Kevin Wada
Ronald Wimberly

Announced at NYCC today, I will be contributing to an official Attack on Titan anthology, out from Kodansha (AoT’s publisher) next year! CBR has a write up about the project here. Looking forward to wrecking my own particular brand of nonsense on the AoT world. :D Creators were pretty much given free reign to do what they wanted, which was very generous of Hajime Isayama and his team. My story is pretty ridiculous. 

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